Ryan's Top 10 Builds | West Coast Customs

Nov 7, 2020
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Ryan has been building custom cars for almost 30 years. Over that time, he has put together amazing projects and turned his visions into reality, time, and time again. These are just a few of his top builds. For the first time ever, we present to you, Ryan's Top 10 Builds.
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  • midrangetorquemidrangetorqueHour ago
  • I thought the tron Audi 8 would have made this list

    Flight 23Flight 2312 hours ago
  • As mush as the Dukes of Hazzard was an iconic TV show , times have progressed, take the confederate flag OFF!

    Heidi HoHeidi Ho18 hours ago
  • most of the care they make are poorly made shit with questionable styling and the work they deliver is sub par, sometimes just mediocre

    judeanwhoremongerjudeanwhoremongerDay ago
  • Everyone in America is a child.

    John McLeanJohn McLeanDay ago
  • West coast has that old school rice luxury vibe

    Scott MatthewsScott Matthews2 days ago
  • bet you cant do a Halo Warthog

    Grayson GrissoGrayson Grisso3 days ago
  • 👻 ghost

    Nike LifeNike Life3 days ago
  • what ever happen to Pimp my ride

    P ZEROP ZERO4 days ago
  • Surprised Bieber's Rolls Royce didn't make it here.

    Prodyut GuhaProdyut Guha4 days ago
    • compare the dates. It probably wasn't finished then.

      BladeElisonBladeElison4 days ago

    Mr.patato.head.pp05Mr.patato.head.pp055 days ago
  • Creativity and imagination is the greatest two things you can have in this world. Doing what no on else can or hasn't done yet. When you can bring that into reality, there is no limitations to what you can build. If you're passionate enough to do it. Anything is possible!! Love this show and it only went up to 6 seasons for the Canadian Netflix.. I think there is really 8 seasons totalt that I know of but, it's for the U.S. Netflix, i think.

    Tab AllyTab Ally5 days ago
  • There are so many better car designers to spend your time with, if you really love custom cars do some research and you’ll find guys with more talent and taste in one pinky finger

    bhal4sonbhal4son5 days ago
  • I feel extremely sad watching these videos, I don't even have the mood mocking his works.

    Arch KovenArch Koven5 days ago
  • I don't like the gril do aaaa

  • No ONE has more ADS than you

    julianjfrancojulianjfranco6 days ago
  • Ryan if you wanna step up your game on car audio check out morale There one of the best car audio companies out there Jl audio is OK but compared to morale. It basically makes the JL audio like Radio Shack equipment

    James SeversonJames Severson6 days ago
  • Nice ghost 👍👍👍👍

    fake realfake real6 days ago
  • This guy sucks bro They just put add-ons they have never built nothing now Count Kustoms or over hauled These guys are a fucking joke

    Joseph nowJoseph now6 days ago
  • These cars are ugly asf 😂

    Itz BrecoItz Breco6 days ago
  • Why on earth do you need a slammed ghost? Complete waste of effort 🙂👏

    EL3MEN7EL3MEN76 days ago
  • I love that mercury amazing

    julian brownjulian brown7 days ago
  • Justin Bieber’s RR Shudda been in this

    Haych OfficialHaych Official7 days ago
  • #4, 5, 6 There are so many just like this, the same with #9, but 10 is definitely a little different, the rest are just Vanilla. Shame, I used to like your stuff.

    Roger That! 10-4Roger That! 10-47 days ago
  • They all have a lot of history

    Jalen ThomasJalen Thomas7 days ago
  • Please please 🙏🙏 pray for me that I can married with my Girlfriend, we both love eachother so much 👰❤👨 GODBLESS you all🙏 beautiful souls💕 lots of love from ODISHADELHI 👰❤👨

    Frince KumarFrince Kumar7 days ago
  • Wow some incredible builds from an incredible builder. I love 69 Camaros but the Benz S500 Convertible is truly an amazing car. Love the suicide door treatment it just looks like it should be a production vehicle rolling off the line.

    Go Leafs GoGo Leafs Go7 days ago
  • The rocket? Looks like a jaguar to me..

    just randomjust random7 days ago
  • That 1969 camero is next level epic

    Kaleb glazeKaleb glaze8 days ago
  • Lol the merc was the only car to get the vicious music

    Isaiah SamIsaiah Sam8 days ago
  • Wcc is pure garb, so is the owner !

    Pass19Pass198 days ago
  • Justin Bieber’s rolls Royce should of been on there

    Mason’s AnimalsMason’s Animals9 days ago
  • You guys should get a different designer. Some are nice but honestly, my disabled niece could do better...

    Jakzi | SoloJakzi | Solo9 days ago
  • I can't stand this dude. Lol

    Daniel HeissDaniel Heiss9 days ago
  • I’m glad they kept the confederate flag on the General Lee !

    Ernest CampagnoneErnest Campagnone9 days ago
    • Scumbag

      joe kronzerjoe kronzer9 days ago
  • This guy is so frigging cool!

    Harri LahdensuoHarri Lahdensuo10 days ago
  • And now the most iconic car you guys build is Justin's rolls 😍

    adnan qaziadnan qazi11 days ago
  • The RR is on sale at some dealer in LA

    Sachin KumarSachin Kumar11 days ago
  • i want to buy your delorean!

    Kevin HernandezKevin Hernandez13 days ago
  • It is amasing that he turned a Roller into a Chrysler.....

    The Hatchet HarrisonThe Hatchet Harrison20 days ago

    TayDaRapperTayDaRapper21 day ago
  • Охуенные тачки!

    Серж ВеликолепныйСерж Великолепный25 days ago
  • Live & prosper🖖:)

    Naser Ahmed FekriNaser Ahmed Fekri27 days ago
  • When non car guys commission car builds...🤦‍♀️

    MaxxYieldMaxxYield29 days ago
  • 0:29 sicke beat

    KwintKwint29 days ago
  • Garbage shop.. hey remember when they had pimp my ride and just bolted on garbage kinda like OCC hahahaha

    Matt DaviesMatt DaviesMonth ago
  • The numerous text ordinarily introduce because psychology contextually screw midst a extra-large extra-small exuberant joseph. cumbersome, somber peru

    luke fasulloluke fasulloMonth ago
  • that stuff is so cool

    Da RealmanDa RealmanMonth ago
  • 1950 merc ...way ahead of all your collection

    ashish raiashish raiMonth ago
  • Even though i liked the show some cars just look ugly and horrible.

    The grooverThe grooverMonth ago
  • This fools builds are lame asf

    Fidel RamirezFidel RamirezMonth ago
  • whaaaat the chrome audi isnt one of his favorites??

    The- AztexThe- AztexMonth ago
  • all dem ass

    ZoroeeZoroeeMonth ago
  • Video: * almost finishing * Ad: ORAL-B

    YoakzYoakzMonth ago
  • west coast customs does a better bloody job than los santos customs. i cant make my pfister comet a drop top monster truck but this dude will do it

    K49fK49fMonth ago
  • Amazing work and cars 💪👌🇫🇷

    HutoxHutoxMonth ago
  • that intro. woah big tough guy. im shook

    Thomas TakeshitaThomas TakeshitaMonth ago
  • Are not these the guys of pimp my ride shenanigans

    nady jose villar tavareznady jose villar tavarezMonth ago
  • Can you guys build a custom Tesla cybertruck?😂 Does it contain anything that can be modified? 🙄

    Jesmin AraJesmin AraMonth ago
  • The rocket also looks like a hot wheels lmao

    Peepee PoopooPeepee PoopooMonth ago
  • i saw an empire logo on the wheel, thats already a dub, star wars is fire

    mynameis bobmynameis bobMonth ago
  • Welcome to LS customs

    Samuel GarzaSamuel GarzaMonth ago
  • Thought this was an April fools joke. This company is a joke

    Anonymous User32Anonymous User32Month ago
  • That car reminds me of Lieutenant Marion Cobretti "Awesome 50", I really wish I had one.

    SlightCurveGrinSlightCurveGrinMonth ago
  • My favorite was the ‘69 camero.

    Peyton StephenPeyton StephenMonth ago
  • man, please continue your series on Netflix

    stavroullastavroullaMonth ago
  • He gets hate for the dodge

    Joseph AriasJoseph AriasMonth ago
  • These Cars

    OneWayOneWayMonth ago
  • 5:15 The Poppy Mitchell's car. Wow.

    Alejandro BarreraAlejandro BarreraMonth ago
  • Hello WCC, they say who try nothing get nothing, so i am gonna try, is it any chance to let an amateur car designer do a design for you and you put it on reality ? thank you

    apps myapps myMonth ago
  • Awesome

  • This is the real meaning of doing what you love in life. 🤟

    Cristian Ionut MireaCristian Ionut MireaMonth ago
  • All these cars look so fascinating and cool on the outside, but then the interior... It looks cheap and poorly designed. Maybe cuz some of them were made like 15 years ago and the standards were different back then

    Ultra ViresUltra ViresMonth ago
  • Wait so with the S500... he didn't actually buy it? You were forced to buy it back from him?

    Ruvim aaaRuvim aaaMonth ago
  • Can you please do my 2015 sti please you guys would make it look amazing

    Dario riveraDario riveraMonth ago
  • I needed this

    Banana DuckBanana DuckMonth ago
  • i thought he was about to tell me he collaborated with Will. I. am. on a bunch of different tracks lol

    boxed fendersboxed fendersMonth ago
  • for me the best custom car by them was post malones ford suv

  • merc and rolls the best, rest are rice asf

    Mauro2K1Mauro2K1Month ago
  • The ghost was by far the cleanest

    T DT DMonth ago
  • Like Ryan your the most iconic car tuner in the world and not even talking abaut west coast customs its the sickest in the world love your projects

    TeppuTeppuMonth ago
  • Wow!

    IamSuaveIamSuaveMonth ago
  • Too much nostalgy, I remenber seeing this on MTV

    weeazy jeyweeazy jeyMonth ago
  • Mario Cart is cool! The rest are meh IMO. I really don't see an kind of innovation here, compared to other custom shops. Just saying, IMO.

    Jamie WellsJamie WellsMonth ago
  • Thank you Ryan for getting me into custom cars. All the way back during the Pimp My Ride days.

    AdamAdamMonth ago
  • SHOUT OUT TO ISH AND BIG MIKE! Been there since day 1!

    AdamAdamMonth ago
  • Nothing is better than those damn copper wheels and accents on the ghost.... man

    Kale KhaliliKale KhaliliMonth ago
    • Exactly....ugly fuckin rolls bro...why the fuck would u pimp up rolls in the first place. It ruins the car bro...he turned a dope ass car into piece of shit.

      지나가는행인지나가는행인15 days ago
    • You mean ruining it

      Anonymous User32Anonymous User32Month ago
  • thease look trash af not gonna lie :DD

    ErksonErksonMonth ago
  • Look! It's like Benny's in real life

    Rissol de carneRissol de carneMonth ago
  • Congratulations

    Silvaraci CouturierSilvaraci Couturier2 months ago
  • Peep the confederate flag on top of the dodge...

    EB ManeEB Mane2 months ago
    • that’s what the original dukes of hazard had on there charger in the movies. that’s what the car is going for.

      rect0rrect0r2 months ago
  • I woukd take the mario cart 9ver any 2 if these that thing is a priceless masterpiece

    Fiorella AlonsoFiorella Alonso2 months ago
  • Make the 50 yard field goal... In soccer goal...

    Baleed AliBaleed Ali2 months ago
  • did he buy Paris car back?

    AdRJunkAdRJunk2 months ago
  • I loved mario kart🔥

    Antonio RodriguezAntonio Rodriguez2 months ago
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    MilkCrateMilkCrate2 months ago
    • Yes only because I know fridges with penguins but I don’t bathe them for Christmas herons and spikes soaked

      Josh WJosh W2 months ago
  • A darth vader passat? Stupid.

    Lars HebsterLars Hebster2 months ago

    Franks0nFIreFranks0nFIre2 months ago
  • Tight

    stark industriesstark industries2 months ago
  • When a glorified stereo installer goes Hollywood bolt on crazy. It's not really a build, so much as a mod.

    fokker34fokker342 months ago