Quavo's Bloody Tesla X | West Coast Customs

Dec 26, 2020
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@Quavo Huncho said he wanted a bloody @Tesla X after seeing and hearing Mike Dean's X! So bloody it is, custom red leather diamond-stitched interior, candy red paint, and a crazy audio setup for the hip hop artist from @Migos ATL.
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  • Bad decision,but amazing work 1st class

    steven mcneillsteven mcneill8 hours ago
  • So the range is now what... 200km with all the extra electronics.

    PierrePierreDay ago
  • The stock white Tesla seats actually look super good

    Bradley BBradley BDay ago
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 is better than Tesla

  • Those rims are fugly

    Last Supper ApologeticsLast Supper ApologeticsDay ago
  • Don't know who he is...

    Sqweeky BadgerSqweeky Badger2 days ago
  • Don't like the rims but rest is 🔥

    K BK B2 days ago
  • I dont think he liked the rims

    Young JazYoung Jaz3 days ago
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    Parker CatagnusParker Catagnus3 days ago
  • Why didn’t he just buy a red one?? Lol

    beverly hintonbeverly hinton3 days ago
  • And it shows again, even with all the money in the world, you just can not buy taste 😂

    Thomas BeerThomas Beer3 days ago
  • The car came out great. But those rims got to go.

    Docta91104Docta911043 days ago
  • barely showed shots of the car tho

    Acid BloodAcid Blood4 days ago
  • I usually quit watching when I see a mature adult in a flat brim hat. Ugh. Curiosity kept me watching. Lose the hat Vanilla.

    Kenny CKenny C4 days ago
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    mauri zaratemauri zarate4 days ago
  • Rims ain't it chief

    The OsidanThe Osidan4 days ago
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    Denyse CarrollDenyse Carroll4 days ago
  • Where's the nearest bathroom ... I need to puke.

    John SJohn S4 days ago
  • Everybody wondering why his reaction is so lackluster as a fellow stoner I know why lol dude was probably blown af

    James AlvaradoJames Alvarado4 days ago
  • i can relate to quavo, I can't express my excitement either

    Atique MelicAtique Melic4 days ago
  • Some people 🙄 . Dude acted like it was no big deal .

    talented 10thtalented 10th4 days ago
  • Respect!

    Clinton WhooClinton Whoo5 days ago
  • what he meant was -10 out of 10

    EzacEzac5 days ago
  • Yooooo they copying GTA wit the logo

    ToxicTYTToxicTYT5 days ago
  • so does it get like 80 miles of range now?...how is the hit to the battery with thouse extra added amps and sound system

    slick backslick back5 days ago
  • Ummm why not buy a red model x and then paint it? Idk maybe I’m just cray

    David DavidDavid David5 days ago
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    Andrew ZeitlerAndrew Zeitler5 days ago
  • Quavo high

    Victor MooreVictor Moore5 days ago
  • He got the forgiato wheels

    - Kitty- Kitty5 days ago
  • those gotta be the ugliest rims forgiato makes

    StopReadingMyWholeNameYouLookinAssNiggaStopReadingMyWholeNameYouLookinAssNigga5 days ago
  • No gold leaf Tesla logo? No Vogues. 8/10

    D. Felix PhotoD. Felix Photo6 days ago
  • This guy tyan is the biggest scammer ever I would never take my car there why paint it when you wrap it , and he’ll replace rolls Royce leather with his own 🤣 how is that better

    Guri SharmaGuri Sharma6 days ago
  • shit

    a aa a6 days ago
  • Id have 2 change the rims 2 some other chrome type of forgiato but the car thru and thru is perfect

    Devin ThomasDevin Thomas6 days ago
  • Exterior color: perfect Interior: should've been black Rims: also black

    Rayyan9087Rayyan90876 days ago
  • I've showed more emotion to someone that held the door open for me than Quavo did with this car. 😳

    Mista 808Mista 8086 days ago
  • That was one mammoth challenge & must have taken ages to complete? Why did you not do a warp?

    Simon MatthewsSimon Matthews6 days ago
  • Plus Tesla factory red is almost the same as this. So not worth it.

    Nike LifeNike Life6 days ago
  • Reaction: he just realized he paid for over the counter custom. Nothing special.

    Nike LifeNike Life6 days ago
  • who?

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith7 days ago
  • them Atlanta boys don't smile much

    Retro StatusRetro Status7 days ago
  • He hates it

    Nicklas MarciszewskiNicklas Marciszewski7 days ago
  • "So it looks like Tesla actually painted this thing candy" Well, looking at Tesla's reputation on paint quality, it better not.

    RaitaponiRaitaponi7 days ago
  • Losantos customes is better

    OTH ProductionOTH Production7 days ago
  • the red doesn't look any different from regular tesla red

    Got memes?Got memes?7 days ago
  • Looks like a 10 years build on los santos customs

    young alienyoung alien7 days ago
  • The one guys pants are falling off.......

    Arnie KandoArnie Kando7 days ago
  • quavo a blodd

    Ryan TempleRyan Temple7 days ago
  • Ryan: I think he’s gonna be mind blown 🤯 Quavo: ....😑....

    NeeksNeeks7 days ago
  • Justin’s car lol

    Kirk HartmanKirk Hartman8 days ago
  • Beautiful world but I didn’t like the rims

    carl Rodmartcarl Rodmart8 days ago
  • Def a car straight out of my gta v garage

    Hopeless AlexisHopeless Alexis8 days ago
  • Where is Xzibit?

    jamie cumbeejamie cumbee8 days ago
  • if that tesla had some black vossen wheels it would like perfect!

    albi celaalbi cela8 days ago
  • The main west coast customs guy sorry I don’t know your name but he’s Jordan bel fort if Jordan chose cars instead of stocks lmao

    AllphonetipsAllphonetips8 days ago
  • 7:38 did this man say “for realz”

    Nolan HarringtonNolan Harrington8 days ago
  • West Coast Customs every time I pull up with a new car: "You here for the magic touch?"

    Pablo HernandezPablo Hernandez8 days ago
  • Meehhh.

    finish firstfinish first8 days ago
  • Bro west coast picks the ugliest forgiatos

    Dilan ArguellesDilan Arguelles8 days ago
  • Hes gonna take that thing to the dump when the roadster drops

    TonicElementTonicElement8 days ago
  • be nice if we actually got to see the car wtf

    K FlapsK Flaps8 days ago
  • Might be one of Quavo's best christmas gift.

  • How did you do this how moch money

    Roberto ZzzRoberto Zzz8 days ago
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    phasma kingphasma king8 days ago
  • question, dont they sell model x in red?

    Alah MakAlah Mak8 days ago
  • was he not interested or he talks like that?

    Midnight Media RobloxMidnight Media Roblox9 days ago
  • Now I know where I need to go when I get my Mercedes Amg gle 63 coupe

  • what an ungrateful reaction ..like fucking crack a smile for the people who did what you wanted -- fucking useless

    SKGMD11SKGMD119 days ago
  • Dope Tesla but the stance is off just saying

    Robin JamesRobin James9 days ago
  • Holy fish eye in the paint

    Brandon TucciBrandon Tucci9 days ago
  • A moment of silence for the X that die in that shop.

    Alex To goAlex To go9 days ago
  • imagine watching westcoast custom since Xzibit Pimp my Ride

    Rundel GisalanRundel Gisalan9 days ago
  • *Original interior looked way cooler. Also the original sound system sounds much better* 😁

    Jens FalknerJens Falkner9 days ago
  • ok that's atleast $200

    Raphael ZelderisRaphael Zelderis9 days ago
  • Look like Quavo was over it once he seen it

    HAIRLINE1000HAIRLINE100010 days ago
  • Man I miss the show

    Bilal KhanBilal Khan10 days ago
  • 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴💪🏿💪🏿

    Life of Cee maneLife of Cee mane10 days ago
  • What’s the color code on that red looks like Mazda soul red crystal it’s beautiful

    Vertical EffectsVertical Effects10 days ago
  • Looked better with the black stock rims. That paint job 🔥🔥

    A.B CastA.B Cast10 days ago
  • -Epic One in the World Car- Quavo: yeah it's nice

    J MorrisonJ Morrison10 days ago
  • great video editing too west coast :) keep up the great work

    Arnold stalinArnold stalin10 days ago
  • ___ moment

    MaxMax10 days ago
  • you just made a Tesla much "gayer" than it already was

    Etienne MotzEtienne Motz11 days ago
  • We barely seen the damn thing.

    CleavAliveCleavAlive11 days ago
  • 😍

    Dicson DavisDicson Davis12 days ago
  • The prize of customization is more than the prize of Tesla X.

    JRDaclesJRDacles13 days ago
  • Bro hes like benny from GTA in real life

  • Sexiest thing I’ve ever seen

    Dylan WhittakerDylan Whittaker13 days ago
  • Looks sick but those wheels are a big nope

    lee williamsonlee williamson13 days ago
  • I can't tell if he's exited or not. Dude looks dead inside.

    eurosonlyeurosonly14 days ago
  • Love the wheels on that car

    Jay JayJay Jay16 days ago
  • It looks ordinary tesla. Not the real tesla. 😁😆

    Karate Fight Fitness DrillsKarate Fight Fitness Drills17 days ago
  • Bruh that paint and interior is crazy!!! Probably the dopest interior I've ever seen. Them rims however ugly as hell. I know for a fact He's going to change em.

    Nathan JonesNathan Jones18 days ago
  • You guy need to film the car more in detail we wanna see it actually not just clips of it.

    Paul HanaPaul Hana18 days ago
  • These clowns still make trashy cars?

    Michael WilliamsMichael Williams18 days ago
  • Car is dope.. the rims fuck it up

    mchenry morganmchenry morgan18 days ago
  • somebody know which sofftware they were using in the beginning of the video

    Gabe LoganGabe Logan18 days ago
  • rims are fugly...sorry

    Tony CobyTony Coby19 days ago
  • *So many fuckin ads in a 8 minute videos*

    Jeremy Otaku28Jeremy Otaku2820 days ago
  • tesla won't fix it 😂

    Sawlty Ben-tarSawlty Ben-tar21 day ago