Nick Cannon's Custom 2020 Toyota Tundra | West Coast Customs

Apr 11, 2020
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Let's go! Nick Cannon came to us with his Toyota Tundra, he wanted something big, all black, MONSTER TRUCK like! We got to work right away. We built the incredible Tundra fully equipped with a custom grill, custom wrap, suspension, LED bar, custom side step, and a sick sound system by Addictive Audio!
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  • That is cool

    Pickle newPickle new10 hours ago
  • Sick truck but the grille is putrid

    josh Oconnerjosh Oconner15 hours ago
  • Why the fax bulletproof vest. Why

    Nike LifeNike Life19 hours ago
  • If you take this off road would the wrap get damaged from little stones and dirt?

    Paul BrogganPaul BrogganDay ago
  • Looks like factory clearance to me. Not a fan. When Ryan keeps saying “ he signed off on it” makes me think hes saying that its Nicks fault it looks mediocre

    Golf ProGolf ProDay ago
  • The Tires Look kinda cheap or too small...not by much tho..but they could have done a lil better on could be higher..kinda looks low to me.

    John SmithJohn Smith2 days ago
  • Nick Cannon always doing big things despite being so oppressed in this country 😂

    Joshua RayJoshua Ray2 days ago

    CryptotrippersCryptotrippers3 days ago
  • A Overland build would have been nice

    4wd RoRo4wd RoRo3 days ago
  • All that bullshit for LA? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Doogie HDoogie H3 days ago
  • The hypnotic charles distinctively wobble because wash fittingly connect to a alert driving. ambiguous, needless beginner

    doubtful measlydoubtful measly4 days ago
  • Nick wanted struck like Cory the USworldsr.... wtf was this? Honestly

    CAILLOU AbascalCAILLOU Abascal4 days ago
  • A standard Raptor looks better than that.

    TEAM6USATEAM6USA4 days ago
  • wrapping is fake why not paint it

    Balbas BigoteBalbas Bigote4 days ago

    The Original YEETThe Original YEET5 days ago
  • The resolute robin posteriorly part because hammer compellingly roll behind a testy tray. phobic, natural business

    Andrew ZeitlerAndrew Zeitler5 days ago
  • One more to the list of disasters. Dont see the client going into the wild with that car. How much over the top can you get?

    BuzabuzBuzabuz6 days ago
  • Holy sh!t??!! It’s not really monster truck high?! Like the monster trucks you can’t legally drive on the roads anywhere in the US? I don’t get it. He said monster truck high and they only lifted it 12”. On the weekends that my dad isn’t too drunk to pick me up at the trailer, we sometimes go to the monster truck rallies. They need a ladder to get in. Nick didn’t need no ladder. Plus he wanted a snorkel and then got excited about a snorkel. Now I’m just confused!

    Joshua GermainJoshua Germain6 days ago
  • Why would Toyota sponsor this? It’s the opposite of what Toyota represents around the world. If someone does it to their own truck so be it, but none of this is functional or reliable. Did they even really install the snorkel or just cut a hole for show? Also where is the supercharger and gears to push all of that weight? Brakes to stop...? I would like to see the mechanics.

    Richard GischerRichard Gischer6 days ago
  • He lied straight to his face it's not a monster truck call a Little wheel truck. And it can be lifted just need to put more money into it

    Vincent YoungVincent Young6 days ago
  • Who the hell is nick cannon? 😂

    SubiScoobyStututuSubiScoobyStututu6 days ago
  • Nick approved it we built it Toyota paid for it. Must be nice

    Brandon BurkBrandon Burk6 days ago
  • The spotless transaction practically protect because baritone adversely water mid a narrow buffet. nippy, roomy ear

    jaedong yoojaedong yoo7 days ago
  • Gotta throw 35s on tht tho

    Mark McLaughlinMark McLaughlin7 days ago
  • Apologies for this comment. I'm not a bad person just a desperate one. 😢 Do you have an extra $1? Badly need to get a working laptop - to start a homebased job. I'm out of options. Lost so much since 2020. 😷

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASERead my ABOUT section PLEASE7 days ago
  • He must feel proof vest?..he left his skirt at home🤣😂😅

    Country ThugCountry Thug7 days ago

    Mazaanlee MajiedtMazaanlee Majiedt8 days ago
  • I love the fact that he took it straight to the mud, much respect

    Chris OyenarteChris Oyenarte8 days ago
    • Coz hes angry

      ZicoZico5 days ago
  • Just all the episodes on Netflix. I love these. Please improve the video sound though, it's not great.

    Siphiwe MagubaneSiphiwe Magubane8 days ago
  • 11:57 horrible ugly scratch on the footbar couldnt even get drop down steps??? ... nick was disappointed... then ryan said “this is the biggest we could go”

    RARVisualsRARVisuals8 days ago
  • I wish I had all celebrity clientele... you know how much they probably over charge??

    RARVisualsRARVisuals8 days ago
  • Now get out da way ise be going to popeyes in dis

    j johnsonj johnson8 days ago
  • Then he takes it off road on a vacant lot in the hood. Love it how stupid this is

    j johnsonj johnson8 days ago
  • That Cleopatra ali baba hat is really funny

    j johnsonj johnson8 days ago
  • His Outfit is halarious

    j johnsonj johnson8 days ago
  • The wheels can be more big

    Lubna ZulfiqarLubna Zulfiqar8 days ago
  • Trick question.Whos got more talent, nick or kanye? 😂

    Slamm in FashionSlamm in Fashion8 days ago
  • Ryan: Yoooooo! dats what up. gotta keep Nick Cannon safe wit dat bully vest ! Nick Cannon: Yo , U know how we do. Niggas try and stick me 4 my paper ! Everyone else: Who`s Nick Cannon ??

    RAIDER69RAIDER698 days ago
  • Poor guy STRESSED that he wanted a monster truck size... Yiu dont put a 1 foot lift and its a monster truck.. Looks damn good,but everyones done what you did,1000s and 1000s of times

    Chubbs AnthonyChubbs Anthony9 days ago

    Qaiser NasirQaiser Nasir9 days ago
  • The onerous acoustic tinctorially trust because show counterintuitively peck beyond a hollow weight. eatable, utter trunk

    Tomas KlimaTomas Klima10 days ago
  • Wtf is he wearing a bullet proof vest

    Tyler ShinnTyler Shinn10 days ago
  • Was he wearing a bullet proof vest

    williamwilliam11 days ago
  • You could find a lot in UAE ! Dubai Rocks 👍🏻🌟

    roshini nairroshini nair11 days ago
  • Needs bigger wheels

    Austin HiblerAustin Hibler13 days ago
  • bruh no one really out here wondering why this nigga wearing a ballistic vest like its supreme or some shit lmfao

    stegosaurusstegosaurus14 days ago
  • The front grill is deformed... the vehicle would have been better off with a stock grill..

    Happy CamperHappy Camper15 days ago
  • He is wearing punjabi turban

    international vlogger.15 days ago
  • Wtf is he wearing,Zoltan goes gangster

    Sellingtowin SellingSellingtowin Selling16 days ago
  • That is not a TRD Pro BRO

    kd4kzzkd4kzz16 days ago
  • that front bumper grille is just. Come on guys

    Ethan MenaEthan Mena17 days ago
  • Should let the TopGear trio build the car. Lol

    APE Suit9APE Suit918 days ago
  • Another half ass vehicle from West Coast Customs. They added all that weight to the truck (1000 lbs.) but didn't bother to upgrade the brakes, rotors or radiator. Then running all those lights without running a dual battery system isn't a good idea. I'm sure they really screwed over Nick on the price as well. All the shit they put on this truck was off the shelf shit, all this could have been done at a indoor swap meet tint shop. F WWC

    Cruz VargasCruz Vargas20 days ago
  • Bro when he said the truck was exactly like the pic nick cannon knew there was no going back these bich boys at west coast got lazy with it simple😂💯

    Adam GuerraAdam Guerra20 days ago
  • I knew they were going to make the truck look ridiculous. I'd rip off that snorkel immediately. The front end has red on it.. and the grill.. wtt.. and the things on the bag, not a fan. At least he's happy with it though.

    Tiffany LarcadeTiffany Larcade27 days ago
  • Wrap is nice I just think the black paint from Toyota is bad 🍑. I would’ve left the wrap to the side on this one.

    King SoloKing SoloMonth ago
  • That’s a 2 wheel drive monster truck 😂

    Joseph HernandezJoseph HernandezMonth ago
  • Wow that looks whack af

    blastblastMonth ago
  • looks at nick face expression he very disappointed

    Living the dreams LifeisgoodLiving the dreams LifeisgoodMonth ago
  • I Would Love To Have That Truck !! Probably 4x4 And Bulletproof And The Sound System Got To Be The Best ..

    Lee EppsLee EppsMonth ago
  • Dudes racist

    L3GOL3GOMonth ago
  • This is what you get when clowns team up with a clown and build a clown 🚗 lol. WC seems to be online ordering and bolting it on.

    Robert AguilarRobert AguilarMonth ago
  • Looked better stock...

    Jim BobJim BobMonth ago
  • That look speaks for itself.. he ain’t happy... it looked better without the custom mods

    Nick LewisNick LewisMonth ago
  • Imagine spending all this money in upgrades.... on a Toyota Tundra...

    Big CrackerBig CrackerMonth ago
  • You got to pimp my riiiiideee...

    DrNoAudioDrNoAudioMonth ago
  • I would be disappointed if that was my apocalyptic truck! LOL!

    David KoDavid KoMonth ago
  • No upgrade to engine??

    Gee SounthonevatGee SounthonevatMonth ago
  • What is with the Alibaba old lady cap?

    Izzy 706Izzy 706Month ago
  • Mane the truck has to much melanin.

    D VD VMonth ago
  • I liked it before 😬

    YellowPeep KingSheetsYellowPeep KingSheetsMonth ago
  • Not sure which is the bigger joke, Cannon or that truck.

    Corey MillerCorey MillerMonth ago
  • Sellout wears a bullet proof vest lol

    Darrell KeyDarrell KeyMonth ago
  • Bruh a tundra cmon bro at least put some forces on it

    Killerinstinct KillerinstinctKillerinstinct KillerinstinctMonth ago
  • shoulda got a 79 series instead

    Yuri DeocampoYuri DeocampoMonth ago
  • Tundra's are garbage old technology over weight gas hogs

    Anthony GAnthony GMonth ago
  • Fugliest truck I'd done ever laid eyes on

    jeffv103jeffv103Month ago
  • So oppressed. 🙄

    Mr. SatyreMr. SatyreMonth ago
  • Why do people still go to WCC after all the bad press and unhappy customers?

    Brash Ash XaoBrash Ash XaoMonth ago
  • Wtf this is barely upgraded or customized hahahahahahahahahaha

    blunts and bulletsblunts and bulletsMonth ago
  • Probably paid $100,000 + for this trainwreck. Ugly rims, ugly grill. I could have made it look way better with $10,000 maybe even less.

    SERROT 05SERROT 05Month ago
  • Something tells me he didn't really like it

    NameIsKadeNameIsKadeMonth ago
  • What the fuck is he wearing ?

    heosteveladyheosteveladyMonth ago
  • Truck is awesome but Nick is a terrible person

    Luke MalletLuke MalletMonth ago
  • Stupid

    Chris MazeChris MazeMonth ago
  • Lmao I wanna know who thought the last clip on him driving in some dirt near a construction sight was a good visual, if only y’all had some bush to send that fucker intooo

    BitchBeLocccoBitchBeLocccoMonth ago
  • Why the bulletproof vest??

    Raul TVRaul TVMonth ago
  • Sir ur my idol from Philippines cnt subnier t shir

    kuya Randy serranokuya Randy serranoMonth ago
  • In the thumbnail nick cannon looks like snoop dog

  • a toytec kit and lockers would have been fine too.

    Seth PritchardSeth PritchardMonth ago
  • Puts 80 grand worth of mods into a work truck and takes it off-roading that a stock 90’s Corolla could do 😂

    Canadian H3R0Canadian H3R0Month ago
  • WTF is that headgear?????

    Mario BottiMario BottiMonth ago
  • After wild n out got canceled nick became a undercover cop?

    Andy GonzalezAndy GonzalezMonth ago
  • He needed this truck for those LA rainstorms 🤣🤣

    DaleDaleMonth ago
  • Did U not regear this lmao

    R Edward StoneR Edward StoneMonth ago
  • Of all the pick-up in the market he bought Toyota

    Wayne TWayne TMonth ago
  • Lmao.. a tundra tho?? Nick wildin out

    RRMonth ago
  • Wasn't high enough bro..

    4WerdMotion 14WerdMotion 1Month ago
  • Nicks a clown! ..sorry i lack the melanin in my skin to give a F!

    L CL CMonth ago
  • Why the Vest he scared of BLM

    POLO G19POLO G19Month ago