Dodge Charger Body Kit West Coast Customs Edition

Feb 13, 2021
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Over all the years we've been in business, we've done some amazing things, but this is definitely a highlight for Ryan and the team. After partnering with a dealership, it was an easy decision to make our own West Coast Customs Edition body kit. Once we talked to our friends at LA CDJR, building this thing for the Dodge Charger was the clear choice. So now, we have our own body kit and you can buy it today! We hope you enjoy the video!
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  • Gta 5 dlc coming get those shark cards.

    Joshua KristofJoshua Kristof9 hours ago
  • I like body kit it can been it out more look more mean way body kit

    Daniel Ortega wilsonDaniel Ortega wilson14 hours ago
  • Drawing the car was feeling like Peter Parker drawing Spider-Man’s suit

    MarouaneMarouane21 hour ago
  • no one is gonna talk about how the lead designer had literally 22 minutes to think of a design and draw it IN 22 MINUTES??

    Pedro PalmaPedro Palma23 hours ago
  • Too much fender gap! Otherwise, looks pretty tight!

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    DjzulumaskDjzulumask2 days ago
  • 4x4 gang sup

    Ashvir 420Ashvir 4202 days ago
  • Hatss off to the camera person ,,, Amazing shots taken👌🏻🔥

    Armaan PaulArmaan Paul3 days ago
  • At least lower it lower it looks stock

    AMIR AMGAMIR AMG3 days ago
  • Rdbla does it better

    Marcos MonroyMarcos Monroy3 days ago
  • looks like a GT lol or is it just me

    Tizzlebaby_Tizzlebaby_3 days ago
  • The tenuous bolt plausibly mark because children acutely taste of a helpless pollution. hot huge, ugly mask

    Denyse CarrollDenyse Carroll3 days ago
  • Ugly

    AmBoyKilla11AmBoyKilla113 days ago
  • They kill every car with their “West Coast Customs” badging. From calipers to seats. Smh. It just looks classless..

    Andre MejiaAndre Mejia3 days ago
  • I bet this costs just as much as a R/T widebody from the factory maybe a couple grand less, honestly no hate on it, I just still don’t see a place for it

    FL Cars TVFL Cars TV3 days ago
  • Good thing you made that for the 6 banger. If you’re dumb enough to buy that car I’m sure they will buy this trash.

    Tts -Tts -3 days ago
  • straight outta gta 5

    C MC M4 days ago
  • Come on wwc y’all could have put better rims 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Texans87Texans874 days ago
  • V6 Chargers,challenger,camaro,mustang are a joke especially when ghetto fabulous idiots add a muffler

    Rogelio GonzalezRogelio Gonzalez4 days ago
  • dude this car got mad ruined

    B1ACK H00D13B1ACK H00D134 days ago
  • I was talking shit about the Rolls Royce for Justin but this actually came out good.. Need to drop it and inch with some really expensive coilovers, put some polyurethane bushings on the suspension components for durability and it would look even better..

    Juan RJuan R4 days ago
  • you guys have to do a v6 challenger

    DLit TVDLit TV4 days ago
  • How do I buy the widebody kit

    Adil KayumeAdil Kayume4 days ago
  • Why to a v6 doe 😭😭

    33rd Morgan33rd Morgan4 days ago
  • Where do you have tu buy it? How much?

    Francesco BattilaniFrancesco Battilani5 days ago
  • Can you put this kit onto an rt?

    Francesco BattilaniFrancesco Battilani5 days ago
  • Over sized rims, fake calipers, fake exhaust. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry

    Mauro2K1Mauro2K15 days ago
  • the body kit is ok the fitment and wheels are ugly as fyke

    Roy ColeRoy Cole5 days ago
  • fixed with double sided tape that means quality 😂

    ClouD4CSClouD4CS5 days ago
  • Better than porn💯

    VitaaminzzVitaaminzz5 days ago
  • It looks good but people only buy the v6 bc they can’t afford the v8 so where would they have the money for the body kit cuz if they have the money for the body kit too then they would jus get the v8 with the factory kit

    Colin AndersonColin Anderson5 days ago
  • All that bragging about design and shit and they use fiberglass for bodykit lol. Bro just use carbon fiber

    Luxury TastebudsLuxury Tastebuds6 days ago
  • Why not paint or powdercoat the stock calipers? Caliper covers are disgusting. Also, how do these people not know there is actually an "in between" for the Charger lineup?

    Thomas GriffinThomas Griffin6 days ago
  • Chargers have been my dream car since they been out. But this right here is too fire and its a V6 smh

    Darius MooreDarius Moore6 days ago
  • This is incredible!!!

    Moving ForwardMoving Forward6 days ago
  • Wb a Kia Optima lol

    Elijah CombsElijah Combs6 days ago
  • Y’all can do better

    Kevin LeeKevin Lee6 days ago
  • terrible

    Big EdBig Ed6 days ago
  • how they add a whole ass body kit and turn the damn thing into a 4x4. That mofo can go rock crawling with that wheel gap. V6 owners probably couldn't afford the kit, and the people who could afford the kit could just buy an, I don't know, a wide body scat pack? lmaoo

    BVPBVP6 days ago
  • That’s tough!!!!!!!!

    LosWitDaHoodieLosWitDaHoodie6 days ago
  • Y’all never heard about the scat? All v8 mopars are great for what each can afford

    Free KodakFree Kodak6 days ago
  • Someday, West Coast Customs will design their custom rims..I can tell..😉

    Ian Chris MejaritoIan Chris Mejarito6 days ago
  • You either broke or rich in other words

    Jr xJr x6 days ago
  • Bro ... y’all is not shaking “pimp my ride”...

    meechieboii16meechieboii166 days ago
  • I am watching Wcc or Los santos customs from gta V? The Brake calipers are like: "I paid only 120 Bucks From Ebay... It's gonna add 5 more HP on my Tuned V6 Hellcat" 🤣🤣🤣

    Francesco AllavenaFrancesco Allavena6 days ago
  • У меня на опеле тормозные диски больше чем тут

    Кирилл ГвоздевКирилл Гвоздев6 days ago
  • These are really smart bespoke cars & they are beautiful to the eye 😊👍

    Simon MatthewsSimon Matthews6 days ago
  • Everybody really is upset about them talking about a V6.

    Brandon BunchBrandon Bunch6 days ago
  • I have a V6 and this looks dope asf

    Brandon BunchBrandon Bunch6 days ago
  • Damn the dealer is at least going to charge a +15k and. And at that point you get a stock v6 charger for 35k-45k uping it almost in the ball park of $60k-$65k. You can just get a used hellcat at that price. Still same engine just different technology

    Jeffrey MedinaJeffrey Medina6 days ago
  • Why is the music this loud? :(

    Fright LörrisFright Lörris6 days ago
  • i watched a car get pimped like “pimp my ride”. bad

    hooidcaster limitedhooidcaster limited7 days ago
  • Front fender flares should have went down further. Looks botched.

    Visaboy M.Visaboy M.7 days ago
  • Libertywalk takes the cake

    Mutombo SaysMutombo Says7 days ago
  • what about the scatpack or demon ??? 😂

    i’m confusedi’m confused7 days ago
  • This shit is ass

    Lil FernniLil Fernni7 days ago
  • That shit is double sides taped?🤣

    TylerWithA T'TylerWithA T'7 days ago

    Jim SavageJim Savage7 days ago

    Jim SavageJim Savage7 days ago
  • People put hellcat badges on the v6’s and y’all worried about it being original smfh.

    Christian CoronaChristian Corona7 days ago
  • Bro hearing you talk pisses me off lmao just shows what you did and stfu

    Rene RodriguezRene Rodriguez7 days ago
  • Cant tell if this is pimp my ride or los santos customs

    oskaoska7 days ago
    • @peter pisani I don't think you got the joke or you're taking things too seriously. I know exactly what the difference between pimp my ride, los santos customs and west coast customs is and how they're connected. The point of what I said was to explain how ricey I thought the charger came out because both los santos customs and pimp my ride are known for ricey cars. West coast customs had nothing to do with my joke, although I should've mentioned something about their questionable business practices.

      oskaoska48 minutes ago
    • @oska I’ll say what u shoulda replied with I gotchu “haha yeah it kinda looked like the same back drop they always have in pimp my ride and at the same time gives me a los santos customs vibe I’m willing to bet it’s where they filmed the show and got inspiration from the game

      peter pisanipeter pisani6 hours ago
    • @oska what does the v6 vs V8 and whether it looks ricey have to do with u not understanding whether west coast customs is pimp my ride or los santos customs I told u that u were misinformed presumably because of the way u intake information especially regarding location of places and u start talking about v6 vs V8 and whether it looks like a ricer which has nothing to do with the argument u need to read on how to argue

      peter pisanipeter pisani6 hours ago
    • @peter pisani it was sarcasm because they did this to a v6 charger. It looks ricey as hell

      oskaoska10 hours ago
    • pimp my ride was shot at this location and los santos customs is a copyright free play on their business name west coast customs so I understand why your confused but have you never heard of California and reality or do you just watch reality tv and play gta 5 all day Jesus h Christ

      peter pisanipeter pisani13 hours ago
  • No one gonna mention this dude just drew this charger like he designed them himself

    AndreAllDayAndreAllDay7 days ago
  • Apologies for this comment. I'm not a bad person just a desperate one. 😢 Do you have an extra $1? Badly need to get a working laptop - to start a homebased job. I'm out of options. Lost so much since 2020. 😷

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASERead my ABOUT section PLEASE7 days ago
  • Charger life I'll soon have 1

    Young FoleyYoung Foley7 days ago
  • Wanted a hellcat look but instead got the oh oh oh oreilyyyy auto parts yaawww! 👌🏽

    PMC05PMC057 days ago
  • If your gonna spend the money on the customs you might as well get a hellcat

    Damien StewartDamien Stewart7 days ago
  • I’ll stick to RBD LA✌️

    Pawan RaghubeerPawan Raghubeer7 days ago
    • @Christian Corona ok and? Doesn’t mean they won’t work on them, at least they know there is something in between getting “nothing and getting a hellcat”😂😂😂

      Pawan RaghubeerPawan Raghubeer7 days ago

      Christian CoronaChristian Corona7 days ago
  • Beautiful, can I order one?

    Military Vehicl3sMilitary Vehicl3s7 days ago
  • It looks like a Subaru

  • Do you have a model 3 body kit yet?

    Doug WeisDoug Weis8 days ago
  • The stance is way too high

    BenLang77BenLang778 days ago
  • Wheel fitment needs work way to narrow.

    //// AMG//// AMG8 days ago
  • um fuckin with it but is it a 6p or an 8p.

    Honcho BattleHoncho Battle8 days ago
  • 10:01 uh don’t tell me they put the sound of a V8 to make it sound like it a V8...

    StupidFast-GapStupidFast-Gap8 days ago
    • Yes, yes they did!!!🤣🤣🤣

      Visaboy M.Visaboy M.7 days ago
  • Deff woulda went wt a more hellcat-ish lookn wheels tho

    musikman337musikman3378 days ago
  • Ricer

    avoz wilhelmavoz wilhelm8 days ago
  • The price is going to come out to some scat pack they really made a V-6 look fast

  • I thought r/t’s didn’t have hood scoops ?

    Koopa50Koopa508 days ago
  • Would not buy

    Koopa50Koopa508 days ago
  • Those caliper covers should be an instant car crushing penalty

    Sam BarrettSam Barrett8 days ago
  • Damn, imagine having enough confidence to ruin a charger by making it a over-flared monster truck

    Philip LiewPhilip Liew8 days ago
  • Imagine yo homie pull up in this and you thinking he got a Hellcat. When yall pull off the car goes meow 😭

    Javier davisonJavier davison8 days ago
  • Need more wide!!!!

    LiLDovie MLiLDovie M8 days ago
  • Not a fan of the fender flares, seems like an after thought. Musa should have designed it to fit more in line with the kit in a more seamless way. Definitely should have had the flares end at the bottom of the bumpers and side skirts.

    Ry UemuraRy Uemura9 days ago
  • 👀’s👌🏽👍🏽🔥

    Vernon EdwardsVernon Edwards9 days ago
  • with them money u spend on this kit you might as well just buy the hellcat

    Automotive AuditAutomotive Audit9 days ago
  • wheels need better off set and needs to be lowered other than that that, that shit is clean asf

    Dk BALLINDk BALLIN9 days ago
  • The world is becoming to sophisticated 2021 right? Covid?

    David WalkerDavid Walker9 days ago
    • Where are the copycats 😂😂😂

      David WalkerDavid Walker9 days ago
  • This is heaven for someone who can’t afford V8 payments. You get the look of a hellcat at cheaper price 🤝 I bought my scat shaker @ LACDJR and been thinking about getting my wide body work for them but I feel they are going to over price me. That being said I’m putting the pressure on on all widebodys from now on. I know there’s going to be upbadge boiis out there

    Lenin GuzmanLenin Guzman9 days ago
  • WCC is not like before that makes awesome car mods I miss the old WCC crews

    jayr122001jayr1220019 days ago
  • Not that impressive to be honest

  • Am I tripping or did they insert a V8 audio clip to make it sound fast

    sombodee3sombodee39 days ago
    • You are not. I thought the same damn thing. 😂

      Clay WilliamsClay Williams7 days ago
  • West coast ricer's

    retro Georgieretro Georgie9 days ago
  • "We want a Dodge Charger that looks like a Hellcat but is cheaper so everyone can afford it" *Puts on expensive HRE wheels*

    Rio PetersenRio Petersen9 days ago
    • Tell me why their v6 has the same body as the hellcat though.. whole video is pointless the car has the upgraded body parts from factory. Besides the engine we cant see thats a scat or a cat body. Someone goofed

      OnPointCommentOnPointComment6 days ago
    • Those aren’t hre

      Guadalupe OrtegaGuadalupe Ortega7 days ago
  • You lowered it? That thing is on stilts

    Ariana GrandeAriana Grande9 days ago
  • Custom 6 inch wheel gap.

    j dj d9 days ago
  • Like vicrez doesn’t already does this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    trenton mackeytrenton mackey9 days ago
  • Imagine paying this much money to put a slightly less stock looking body on a base V6 🤣🤣🤣

    Ryan GignacRyan Gignac9 days ago